We provide a mastery-based individualized education for every student. We understand that everyone is different and learns in different ways, that’s why we use a curriculum that is tailored to work with them, not against them. Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) is a faith-based curriculum designed to challenge our students academically, creatively, and spiritually. 

Our Philosophy

The special academic needs of our children and youth is our priority. We are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to expand their academic knowledge, build character, explore their interests, and deepen their faith in a safe environment. 

About our Base Program

Our newest exciting addition to Legacy Christian Academy is our BASE (Balametrics and Sensory Enhancement) Program. This program is backed by scientific research and has proven to enhance students’ learning abilities. We combine sensory and motor activities with learning to help our students process and store information efficiently. 
Base Program


Our extracurriculars are flexible and can change every semester or school year based on teacher availability or student interest. 

American Sign Language



Wood Shop



Current Events


Student Government Association*

*Students vote on SGA representatives at the beginning of the year: their tasks include organizing activities like Fun Friday, holiday parties, crosswalk duty, and more.

LCA Faculty & Staff

Ben Sharp


Bob Sharp

Nikki Sharp
Middle School Supervisor
Ethan Barbee
High School Supervisor
Nancy Hernandez
Spanish Teacher
Kayla Battiste
Lower Elementary Supervisor
Deidre Randall
BASE Program Supervisor
Jerri Dean
Office Manager & Registrar
Hannah Strickland
Upper Elementary Supervisor
Casey Taylor
Elementary Aid

Graduation Prep

Life after high school may seem exciting, but can also be intimidating for some. We help our students plan for their future with ACT/SAT test scheduling and free vouchers so families don’t have to worry about test fees. 
LCA has connections with local trade programs that visit the school to speak with students about their post-graduation options. We then help set up interested students with acquiring apprenticeships or mentorships. 


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Legacy Christian Academy is a ministry of Family Ministries of Florida. 
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