Legacy Christian Academy proudly participates in conferences and events throughout the year to help challenge our students intellectually and creatively. Only students who are academically and behaviorally eligible may attend these conferences and represent LCA. 


august, 2022

Yearly Events

Annual Spring Formal
8th grade and up
131 New Legacy Dr, Seffner, FL
1 Day
Every year in May we hold a catered spring formal at a local event space. This fun event is free for students from 8th-12th grade.
Service Trip with Habitat for Humanity 
9th grade and up
Avery County, NC
1 Week
This is a week-long service trip to work with Habitat for Humanity in Avery County, North Carolina. 
A.C.E. Regional Student Convention
13 and up
Hudson, FL
1 Week
Every year A.C.E., Accelerated Christian Education, hosts a convention that’s only available to schools that use the curriculum. The Sun Coast Regional Student Convention lasts for a week and is located at Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, FL. This fun and exciting event challenges and inspires our students to use their God-given gifts in over 140 events! Students age 13 and older compete with students from other schools in athletics, art, music, and academic categories.
A.C.E. Junior Convention 
131 New Legacy Dr, Seffner, FL
1 day
This one-day junior convention is held in Legacy Christian Academy and is designed to give young students experience to prepare them for the A.C.E. Regional Student Convention.


131 New Legacy Dr, Seffner, FL 33584
Phone: (813) 681-1942
Fax: (813) 681-6836
Legacy Christian Academy is a ministry of Family Ministries of Florida. 
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